Different Types of Sex Dolls


The secret of succeeding in any industry is to understand how it works. For many years now, many brothel owners have been operating with the most experienced and beautiful girls in the society. They ensured they got the best they would get to remain relevant in the escort industry. However, things have now changed. What men want now are not beautiful girls but experienced Sex doll.

To get a good doll, the secret is in visiting an Adult Store near you. There are many Adult Stores in our neighborhood as well as online. Identify one that perfectly fits your needs. Examples of Sex doll available in the market include;

1. Samantha

This was and still remains to be the most popular sex doll in the market. The people who innovated Samantha says she possesses special abilities that are almost equal to real human beings. For one, it is possible to seduce her as she is wired with different sensors in her hands, face, female genitals and the breasts.

In addition to this, the company says that she has “moral code” which helps her to spot nice people. This means if you want to be in her good books, you must behave yourself.

2. Harmony

Although sex doll Harmony is not very famous, most of the Adult Stores owners say she is also becoming popular and marketable. Harmony has special features that you’d never think she had. Some of these include remembering details about her client or man. At the same time, she can clearly communicate since she is able to talk.


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Date: November 30, 2021